Николай Мартинов

Основател и управляващ партньор, Impetus Capital

Nikolay is the co-founder and a partner at Impetus Capital, an alternative investment fund manager investing in growth and innovative companies.


Nikolay started his professional career as a commodity broker at the Sofia Commodity Exchange through the period 1991-1993.  He was licensed by the Securities and Stock Exchange Commission as a securities broker in 2000. He joined as a securities broker Karoll in 1998 and stayed until 2006 where he headed of trade of Bulgarian stocks in Karoll. At that time he has been a member of the management board of the Karoll Capital Management, the management company of Karoll’s investment vehicle Advance Invest. He participated in the formation of Advance TerraFund REIT, a specialized farmland investment vehicle. At Karoll, he expanded the internet securities market COBOS system transforming the platform into the leading one by number of transactions on the retail securities market. He formed in 1997 and managed until 2003 Unicom Consult when he took control over the company transforming it until now into his investment vehicle. Unicom Consult was the owner for the web-based financial news provider finance.news.bg that was sold in 2003 to the public Web Media Group. Nikolay led the investor.bg IPO in 2004 and was until 2013 a member of the board.


Nikolay sits on boards of investee companies and is an independent director at the listed Allterco AD. He graduated with a master’s degree in IT from the Technical University of Sofia in 2004.

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