13:00 - 14:00

Семинар Как да търгуваме успешно на финансовите пазари

*Семинарът ще се проведе на английски език

Водещ на семинара е Али Персембе – заместник – председател, Saha Credit Rating, трейдинг експерт, автор и ТВ водещ.

A solo presentation on how to trade financial markets (specifically yes, but not necessarily just forex) with a cool head.

It’s a presentation that encompasses:

  • unpredictability of markets
  • behavioral finance
  • importance of risk management with stops as well as risk/reward ratios, and
  • a detailed trading strategy.

The presentation is fast, furious, factual, shocking, tickling, provoking and funny!!

It underlines the importance and the inevitable imperative to overhaul the traders’ approach to markets.

Who will benefit:

Individual and institutional investors

Asset/fund/portfolio managers

Brokerage houses

Traders of banks’ treasury

Research personnel

Investment advisors

Traders (equities, forex, bonds, crypto, derivatives)


Quick Info

  • 26.09.2018
  • 13:00 - 14:00