Inter Expo Center | Sofia


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Register for the sixth edition of the specialized forum for investments and finances – Investor Finance Forum. It includes main hall, Investor Day, seminar rooms and expo part.

The participation to selected panels is made by choosing the desired package.

The access to Investor Finance Expo is free.

Our mission is to encourage the young generation to receive and use up-to-date information for their future development. We give 50% discount to all students up to 26 years old after receive valid students book. Please, send it to events@investor.bg to receive a promocode for the discount.

Investor Day


80 BGN
  • Access to all the panels part of Investor Day
  • Meeting opportunities with public companies
  • Cocktail/awards after the official program
  • Free access to Investor Finance Expo

IFF + Seminars


110 BGN
  • Access to Investor Finance Forum
  • Access to all seminars
  • Coffee break and networking
  • Cocktail/Awards after the official program
  • Access to the presentation of the event
  • Free access to Investor Finance Expo

“Investor Finance Forum is the perfect place to meet “youth and inspiration“ with “experience and wisdom”, which is always a good winning combination for success on the financial markets.”

Biser Manolov, investor and financial consultant


“Investor Finance Forum is a unique event for the investment market in Bulgaria and the region. We always strive to contribute to the success of important and useful events, with InvestorBG being no exception.”

Ioannis Kantartzis | Traders Magazine