Rosen Daskalov


Rosen Daskalov was born on May 11, 1971 in Rousse. Former pilot, designer, engineer, creator of the first Bulgarian supercar Sin R1. Automobile has been in his blood since childhood, he began to do karting, and over the years, cars became his profession and passion. He starts karting at the age of 6, his father and his uncle are also car racers. Looking for a car for himself, Rossen Daskalov concludes that he can not find the one who suits him and decides to try to make one. His passion for design and engineering thought led to the creation of Sin Cars in 2012 and the first Bulgarian super car Sin R1. Sin Cars is looking to the future, which according to Rossen Daskalov is electric and modular with the creation of the multi-functional electric platform L-city.

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