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Investor Finance Forum /

INVESTOR Finance Forum is held for the sixth consecutive year by the Business and Financial Information Portal Investor.BG and is a unique event not only for individual investors but for the entire investment community in the region that bring together Bulgarian and foreign professionals in the field of capital, currency and commodity markets.


During the forum you will be able to hear selected and renowned experts in all areas of capital investments.

– We will discuss the important trends that we need to address in order to invest properly.
– What are the trends and sectors that provide investment opportunities in the context of higher interest rates from central banks and accelerating economic growth? You will find out which financial instruments are best used for investments in the various sectors of the economy.
– Our guest-lecturers will provide the most useful information about individual and institutional investors.
– We will present for the second year in a row a ranking of the most successful Bulgarian funds.
– We will discuss how FinTech solutions change the world of capital investment and how to invest smartly in cryptocurrency
– You’ll hear what successful Forex trading strategies are and you can trade live with top European traders

“I’ve been to many events in my life, I’ve been the main speaker in many events, I’ve been a guest speaker and I can say that this event was top class. Very well organized, to the very little details. I have wonderful memories and moments from this event. Worldwide exposure, top class names from the industries. So to summarize – great event to learn, to stay connected, to see what’s new and what’s to come. Hats of to the organizer”
Vladimir Ribakov | Master trader and the CEO of Traders Academy Club

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